Paw Prints Pro is dedicated to create lasting memories and stunning wall art for your home.  


It is our mission and vision to create stunning works of art capturing your family pet. The unconditional love we receive from our four legged friends is what we strive to capture. But creating the image is only one step of the process. Paw Prints Pro is all about creating beautiful art to grace the walls of you home or office. Session fee's start at $150. 

Banner photo of Timber and Joe taken by Ali McKittrick



The art is not complete till it is in print form. 

Joe Longo 

My Dogs  

Dogs have literally been in my life forever. In 1998/99 Bella and Timber came into my life, and for the first time in my adult life, I was a dog owner. Bella and Timber were with me for 12 and 16 years respectively showing me unconditional love every day. December 2013 Timber passed and I was convinced I would never have another dog again. We'll that didn't happen in March 2014 my neighbor knocked on my back door asking if I wanted a dog. I tried really hard to say no, but I finally agreed to a meeting. Stella and I spent the day together, as we walked out the door for a walk her leash broke and she took off. I thought the universe was playing a sick joke on me. Somehow 4-hours later she found her way back. It was that moment I knew Stella was my dog. 
We have been running, jumping, and creating silly images since. 
I'm so thankful for all the images I have of Bella, Timber and the new images Stella and I create. It's my mission with Paw Prints Pro to create memories of your special friends that will not only last a lifetime but also a create legacy of their life.